Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Services

Reliable and quality service:

Your office and home needs to have air con servicing done regularly. An air-con technician should take a look at the air con to ensure it is running as efficiently as it should be, examining for leaks and any other signs of wear and tear.

Many kinds of Air-Conditioning Services

  •  Air-Conditioning Installation
  •  Air-Conditioner Servicing
  •  Contract Maintenance
  •  Commercial Air-Con Services
  •  Residential Air-Con Services
  •  HVAC Services

Air-Conditioning Installation Services

Professional Air-Con Installations

Our air-con partners have their own fully trained teams of air-con installers who can install, repair, and service or commission any air conditioning system in a house or office. They can go to any part of Singapore within a short period of time. Their service attitudes mean everything to their customers and themselves and that is the reason why we are still expanding.

Our air-con partners provide commercial and residential air-con installations, maintenance and air-con repair services. We are just a phone call away whenever you encounter problems.

Installation for Easy-Fit System

This is the place where the evaporator or called the indoor unit is mounted on the inside of the external wall where the condenser, or known as the outdoor unit is to be located & bolted directly to the floor. The Condenser location is on the ground floor, easily accessible and any walls are capable of supporting the equipment’s weight. The Interconnecting pipe work is less than 4m & the condensate line is gravity fed. The client just need to ensure there is a 15amp electrical plug socket within 1.5m of the internal or external unit depending on the make of unit. For systems 7kw and above, a 20amp supply minimum will be the requirement.

Air-con Servicing

Professional Air-Con Installations

Air Con Servicing needs to be done regularly to keep your air-cons operate smoothly and efficiently. However, with our assistance, you can get good system maintenance services and the assurance that the air-conditioning system or your HVAC will be in excellent working condition round the clock.

Our Aircon service partners have a broad knowledge about air conditioning services. Whenever you need a professional Aircon service provider with quality service with good recommendations from clients, we are the one for you.

We offer the following services and they are categorized accordingly as follows :


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