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Marble Polishing and Parquet Polishing Services








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Marble Polishing, Marble Restoration and Granite Polishing

We can give your old, dull marble floorings a new look! From tough granite to soft limestone, we are able to clean, polish, remove stains, industrial diamond grind, and seal most natural stone surfaces to amend damages.

Marble Polishing and Marble Restoration normally involves two step scratch removal and marble polishing service, offering significant labor savings over conventional floor finish and diamond resurfacing methods.



Parquet Polishing


A worn or scratched board parquet can be sanded and varnished again. Parquet re-sanding and Parquet re-varnishing should be done before the original varnish wears out. We can restore your old, dull parquet floorings, to become shiny with protective furnish.


Both parquet and marble are reconditioned, that is we are able to remove surface scratches, then we will apply special treatment , after which we will polish it.The job we do are more thorough and professional than just normal polishing. If you are looking for a reliable and professional Marble Polishing Company or a Parquet Polishing Company, we are the one. From marble restoration, granite polishing to parquet re-varnishing, we will do it for you. 










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