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It's a scary fact, but did you know that a neglected carpet can contain up to 4 times it's own weight in dirt?

In the days before fitted carpets, you would have taken your carpets outside at least once every year, beaten them thoroughly and be surprised by the large dust clouds that came out. Now they are fitted you can't do that. Most houses are also centrally heated so dust mites can flourish on the dust. How many people do you know that suffer from allergies?

If you think that vacuuming alone can get all the dust out of your carpet, you're quite wrong. Independent studies carried out by leading test laboratory Cleaning Research International have proven that washing leaves carpets significantly cleaner than dry vacuuming alone.

Vacuuming can only remove the top layer of dirt. The lower layer of dirt remains trapped and as the grit, dirt and grease get trodden deeper and deeper, it cuts the pile, making it dull and loosening the fibres.


This piece of carpet has been vacuumed regularly. Surface dirt has been removed but see how much is still buried deep down, gnawing at the pile. No wonder it looks so flat and tired. After washing with our Hot and Deep Water Extraction System, all that deep down dirt has disappeared. The colour is back and the pile is soft and springy all the way down to the backing. And this is an identical strip of the exact same carpet.



It is a common myth that washing carpets, especially woollen ones, is very bad for them. This couldn't be further from the truth. Washing your carpet will brighten colours, remove trapped odours and germs and extend the life of your carpet.

When you wash your carpet with our special Hot and Deep Water Extraction System, the carpet fibres are washed without wetting the backing, which means there is no chance of shrinking and the carpet is dry enough to walk on in no time.


Washing your carpets is the most effective way to rid your carpets of the unhygienic residues left by dust mites in the carpet pile. These residues give rise to asthma and other allergens, and allow air pollutants into your house.


Fibreflow Washing System

The patented Fibreflow Washing System.


This unique cleaning action gently circulates a solution of hot water and cleaning solution through the carpet fibres without wetting the backing of the carpet. Damaging deep-down dirt is loosened and then sucked back up into the machine.



Floor Area Conversion Table

Square foot
Square meter

*1 square foot = 0.092 903 04 square meter


Washing your carpets with our hot water extraction machines are as easy as vacuuming. The cleaning head has been specially developed to roll over the carpet with relative ease and manoeuverability.

Having used our machines you will notice a real difference in the brightness of the colour and texture of the pile. And once you have tackled ground-in dirt for the first time, cleaning will become much easier. Contact us now at sales@a-cubemicrosystems.com and SMS us at 9386 1459 !



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