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Tips for Entertaining Children 

Ideas for Entertaining Infants

Babies have short attention spans and are frequently interested in a toy or activity for only a FEW MINUTES at a time. Babysitters and nannies have to be patient with the baby/infants during babysitting. Don't expect more from the baby/infants than he is old enough to give. A good nanny has to be very sensitive to a baby/infants.

Babies/Infants  from Birth to Six Months:


Ideas for Entertaining Toddlers during childcare

Toddlers are excited about learning and doing things for themselves. They do not share and are too young to play well with other children. However, they frequently enjoy playing beside other children. As a nanny, you may want to take note of these.

Toddlers enjoy:


Ideas for Entertaining School Age Children

Doing things with school age children during childcare can be a lot of fun for both of you. You may have forgotten how much fun some of these activities are:

Inside Activities:


Ideas for Entertaining Preschoolers

Preschoolers are able to do many things for themselves. However, they may require assistance with bedtime, eating, and toileting. Some ideas for entertaining preschoolers during quiet and active play are listed below.

Quiet Play...


Playing with Play Dough

Keeping children busy indoors on rainy days can be a challenge for babysitters and nannies during childcare. Playing with play dough is always a favorite activity and it's even educational! Children enjoy pushing, rolling, squeezing, molding, and pounding gooey play dough. Some play dough tips:

Babysitters and nannies who are well-prepared for babysitting will be highly respected and greatly appreciated by parents.