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Singapore Babysitting, Babysitters, Childcare, Nanny, Nannies, Babies and Infants





Childcare and babysitting is getting more and more popular in Singapore. Most career women are busy building their careers and have very little time to take care of their young ones. Leaving the babies with their aged parents mean very little time for them to enjoy their golden years and most people are wary of foreign maids, so why not leave them under the care of our babysitters or nannies. We are a professional babysitting company that provides specialised childcare for your infants and babies. Our group of committed babysitters and nannies are local aunties who have extensive experience in childcare.


Pls sms 93861459 and email sales@a-cubemicrosystems.com for your babysitting requirements


Guide for Babysitters and Nannies



Tips for Entertaining Children and Babies



Miscellaneous Safety Tips for a Parent and Nanny